Fun & Games with your Corgi

A bored dog will find its own means of some mental/physical stimulation often by way of unacceptable behavior per human standards. Having a Corgi and knowing their background (designed for all day herding requiring high-energy and endurance), requires their needs be met physically with exercise and interactions. Along with regular physical exercise, your Corgi requires … Continue reading Fun & Games with your Corgi

Vetting a Veterinarian

    In the preparations for bringing your new furbaby home, you’ll want to have the services of a veterinarian selected and available for that first check-up. Like any other profession, you can come across good vets and not-so-good vets. You, of course, will want to secure the very best care for your pet. How … Continue reading Vetting a Veterinarian

Corgi 911! (Insurance, anyone?)

Do you need pet insurance? That is a question each individual pet owner/family must decide for themselves. For our family, it was a financial precaution we wanted in place should something unforeseeable and/or catastrophic happen. The following is some research I've gathered to assist anyone wanting some brief and generalized information on pet insurance. The … Continue reading Corgi 911! (Insurance, anyone?)

Why a Corgi?

Out of all the dog breeds out there, why a Corgi? Well, I can only speak for myself, of course, and will share with you my top 3 personal reasons: Corgis are indeed one of the sweetest, most lovable, even-tempered creatures that the good Lord ever created. They are known for being patient, loyal and … Continue reading Why a Corgi?

Welcome to Corgi Bliss!

Thank you for taking the time and interest to visit. The idea of a blog has bounced around in my mind for some time now, and here we are! My husband and I have an eighteen month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Scamp. He has been such a joy that his little life has pretty … Continue reading Welcome to Corgi Bliss!