5 Steps to Help Prevent Joint Problems with your Pup

As we all get older, our bodies often begin to express the wear and tear we've experienced through the years.  The same is true for our pets.  In fact, a common problem for aging dogs is joint pain which can develop into arthritis when cartilage begins to degrade due to overuse, strain or injury.  Don't … Continue reading 5 Steps to Help Prevent Joint Problems with your Pup

Sweet Potato Fries for Corgi – (Recipe #1)

Our Corgi, Scamp loves sweet potato fries as a treat from time to time. He first had them when visiting his cousin, Leo at our daughter and son-in-law's home. We, of course, went right to our nearest pet store and bought a bag which ran about $15 for ONE pound - a bit steep, in … Continue reading Sweet Potato Fries for Corgi – (Recipe #1)

Fun & Games with your Corgi

A bored dog will find its own means of some mental/physical stimulation often by way of unacceptable behavior per human standards. Having a Corgi and knowing their background (designed for all day herding requiring high-energy and endurance), requires their needs be met physically with exercise and interactions. Along with regular physical exercise, your Corgi requires … Continue reading Fun & Games with your Corgi