Simple Steps In Photographing Your Pet

Happy Tuesday and welcome back to Corgibliss!  Today, I want to share with you some basic and helpful tips to keep in mind when photographing your pup.  One of my hobbies just happens to be photography, and while I'm very much an amateur, I love taking pictures of Scamp, our Corgi. The following tips are … Continue reading Simple Steps In Photographing Your Pet

National Puppy Day 2018

A quick post to wish you and your furbaby a Happy Puppy Day! This national day is now internationally recognized after being founded by Colleen Paige in 2006. The day was established with two main purposes in mind. First, the desire to improve the lives of puppies everywhere by encouraging rescues while informing/educating people about … Continue reading National Puppy Day 2018

Sweet Potato Fries for Corgi – (Recipe #1)

Our Corgi, Scamp loves sweet potato fries as a treat from time to time. He first had them when visiting his cousin, Leo at our daughter and son-in-law's home. We, of course, went right to our nearest pet store and bought a bag which ran about $15 for ONE pound - a bit steep, in … Continue reading Sweet Potato Fries for Corgi – (Recipe #1)

Fun & Games with your Corgi

A bored dog will find its own means of some mental/physical stimulation often by way of unacceptable behavior per human standards. Having a Corgi and knowing their background (designed for all day herding requiring high-energy and endurance), requires their needs be met physically with exercise and interactions. Along with regular physical exercise, your Corgi requires … Continue reading Fun & Games with your Corgi

Vetting a Veterinarian

    In the preparations for bringing your new furbaby home, you’ll want to have the services of a veterinarian selected and available for that first check-up. Like any other profession, you can come across good vets and not-so-good vets. You, of course, will want to secure the very best care for your pet. How … Continue reading Vetting a Veterinarian

Corgi 911! (Insurance, anyone?)

Do you need pet insurance? That is a question each individual pet owner/family must decide for themselves. For our family, it was a financial precaution we wanted in place should something unforeseeable and/or catastrophic happen. The following is some research I've gathered to assist anyone wanting some brief and generalized information on pet insurance. The … Continue reading Corgi 911! (Insurance, anyone?)

Why a Corgi?

Out of all the dog breeds out there, why a Corgi? Well, I can only speak for myself, of course, and will share with you my top 3 personal reasons: Corgis are indeed one of the sweetest, most lovable, even-tempered creatures that the good Lord ever created. They are known for being patient, loyal and … Continue reading Why a Corgi?