Simple Steps In Photographing Your Pet

Happy Tuesday and welcome back to Corgibliss!  Today, I want to share with you some basic and helpful tips to keep in mind when photographing your pup.  One of my hobbies just happens to be photography, and while I’m very much an amateur, I love taking pictures of Scamp, our Corgi. The following tips are ones that I use and have found helpful:

  1.  Be prepared – Make certain your camera/phone has enough charge to allow you to click away.  Have prepared your pet’s favorite toy, treats and an assistant is always helpful.
  2. Be mindful of lighting –  If you’re planning to shoot outside, choose a day that is a bit overcast for more favorable results with the natural lighting. Remember to keep any sunshine behind you. For indoor pictures, try to avoid using the flash and instead seek a window/door where you’ll get that optimal natural light.
  3. Be thoughtful in location – You’ll want to select a place that has minimum distractions both for your dog (noise level, activities going on, other people/animals) and for your photos (less is more – watch for details like garbage cans, litter, clutter).  The best photos will happen when your dog is most relaxed, and part of achieving that goal is often accomplished in your own backyard. Here is where your dog is comfortable, it’s familiar and they are in their own element – which could provide for some very meaningful shots.

    Scamp playing his favorite game in our backyard.
  4. Be on their level – So much is missed when standing and trying to photograph your dog.  Get down on the ground.  They’ll be intrigued with your behavior which will only add to their curiosity and your chances of getting some great shots.

    Those eyes, that face, my heart…
  5. Be patient – Whether clicking photos inside or outside, try to keep it natural and relaxed. Your dog wants nothing more than to spend time with you and please you. A little patience will go a long way in allowing them to just be a dog vs. forced poses and expectations.  You and your precious pet will be most happy with the end results.
  6. Be interactive – To get your dog’s attention, you’re going to have to be creative.  This is where their favorite toy can come in handy, or the assistance of another person standing behind you or the all powerful treat.  Don’t be afraid to make silly noises, bark or even meow.  While it may sound goofy, I guarantee you some of the most adorable head-tilting shots ever!  (As for your neighbors, it’ll give them something to laugh about again…and again – as they retell of your antics!)


*Okay, okay, for those of you that are far more reserved than myself or have a significant other that frowns on your barking/meowing in public places, may I suggest a tool that my husband found for me to use. The app is called, Barkcam and is a helpful little tool that can be used on any iPhone.


~  I hope you’re feeling a little more prepared and confident for your next photo session.  Have fun with it, be creative, be silly – but most of all just enjoy and treasure the time and memories you’re making with your furbaby.  Until next time, embrace every day and love them well.  God bless



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