Creating A Pet Cookbook

Pet treats can be costly and contain all too many additives and preservatives. As an alternative, I like to make our Corgi, Scamp homemade treats. This way, I know firsthand what the ingredients are and the benefits they can provide to Scamp’s overall good health.

Since Scamp was a puppy, I began gathering his favorite recipes and not too long ago began creating/organizing a cookbook especially for him. You can create one for your precious pup, too! Here are some steps to get you started:

1.  Select a smaller binder – 1″ in thickness would work well, and make certain it has a plastic cover so that you can slide your cover creation inside the front.


2.  Add some sheet protector covers to the inside of your binder to hold your collection of favorite recipes.

3.  If you’d like, you can find a fun/free clip art sample to highlight your pet cookbook cover. I’ve attached some examples for ideas/inspiration. There’s a great quantity of images to choose from, so have fun finding and creating your unique design. Perhaps you’d like a simpler cover and that’s fine, too. Your cookbook is simply to be a tool for organizing your pet’s favorite recipes

4.  Next, you’ll be ready to add your pet’s picture to any clip art image you’ve selected. Then begin decorating your cover page. Scrapbooking is one of my hobbies, so I happen to have papers available in my collection. Anyone can select a few sheets for a project such as this at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels store.


5.  The next step is my favorite as it allows your own creative style to take flare. Add stickers, more photos, ribbon, embellishments – whatever your heart desires. Don’t forget a title for your cookbook cover.

Binder Tabs I

6.  Once completed, you can begin to add recipes you’d like to try or are already favorites of your pet. As your cookbook grows or to anticipate organization, you can also add tabs to your cookbook with such categories as: Most Loved, Summer Treats, (Recipes) To Try, Nutrition, etc.. I would also suggest a special tab for Food Safety with articles/information about which foods are safe/unsafe for your pet to consume.

Scamp Inspired Recipes, the pet cookbook I created for our Corgi, Scamp.

7.  Do send me a picture of your pet cookbook creation, as I’d love to see what you came up with! And, with your permission, I’ll share with other readers. Also, from time-to-time, I will be sharing Scamp’s recipe favorites that you can add to your cookbook, too!


~ As always, I thank you for your time and interest in visiting and hope you’ll have fun with today’s project. Your precious pup is certain to enjoy and appreciate your efforts. Until next time, treasure those precious creatures and love them well.

God bless

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