Fun & Games with your Corgi

Life is Short, Play with Your Dog

A bored dog will find its own means of some mental/physical stimulation often by way of unacceptable behavior per human standards. Having a Corgi and knowing their background (designed for all day herding requiring high-energy and endurance), requires their needs be met physically with exercise and interactions.

Along with regular physical exercise, your Corgi requires mental stimulation. Corgis are known for being a very bright, trainable breed. With those attractive characteristics also comes the responsibility as owners to ensure our pet’s needs are being fulfilled.

This responsibility does not require a great deal of time or trouble; however it does require commitment and consistency. A conscious effort of 5-10 minutes even a couple of times a day will bring your pup such joy, you’re sure to find it contagious.

While simply tossing a ball/Frisbee and having your dog retrieve it is a fun interaction that you and your Corgi are sure to enjoy, Corgis love the thrill of a new challenge. Granted there are numerous store-bought games on the market, I enjoy making do with things we already have around our home and saving the money! Below is a list of ideas that can help get you started:

  1. Find It – Hide a treat in a room that your dog is not already in, call him and tell him to, “Find it”.  A dog’s nose is known to be 1,000-1,000,000 times stronger and more sensitive to smell than humans. Given that advantage, your Corgi will sniff-out the treat and indeed “Find it”! While they’re looking, you can encourage with your voice (much like you would with a small child)… “Getting closer” (higher-pitched voice) and/or “Not there” (defeated, lower voice).  *Variation: You can also vary this game by adding different sized, empty, cardboard boxes you may have on hand. Your dog will enjoy turning over boxes in their search or even crawling in/through larger boxes.
  2. Teach your dog a new trick: shake, roll over, lay down, bring it, kiss – the list is endless, and your Corgi will thrive with your companionship and desire to learn. Just remember to keep it brief – no more than five minutes as you don’t want frustration – just stimulation. You can revisit this trick/training at another time in the very near future. Your patience, consistency and interaction will ensure your Corgi will catch-on quickly.
  3. Muffin Tin Discovery – Using a muffin tin and tennis balls, place small treats in various muffin tin indentions, cover all indentions with tennis balls, place the tin filled with treats and balls on the floor and invite your dog to discovery the hidden treasures.
  4. Pick-Up – This is a game we play at the end of every evening with our Corgi, Scamp. To get your dog accustomed to this activity, place several of their toys around one room in your home where they typically have the majority of their playtime. For us, it’s our family room. Also, have a basket/container available for all their toys to be stored in. Once the toys are spread around the room, direct your dog to, “Pick up”.  Then show him – yes, I get down on all fours, pick up a toy and drop it in the basket. Again, repeat, “Pick up” and continue to encourage with demonstration, perhaps placing a toy closer to his feet. This is one of the newer activities we’ve been working on with Scamp, and he is beginning to get the concept. He’ll get a toy picked up and then in the pride of that accomplishment, he drops it on the floor instead of in the basket and smiles! We’ll get there…
  5. Scamp loves Hide and Seek from time-to-time. This notion usually occurs to him when he is in the midst of the zoomies! (a Corgi race from room to room, up the stairs, down the stairs, around and around). Somewhere in his mad dash he’ll tuck his head under one of our beds and freeze there. We’ll say, “Where’s Scamp? Where, oh where is Scamp?” We wander around “looking”/calling until he comes out smiling and clever as can be!
Corgi Hide-n-Seek
Scamp’s version of Hide-n-Seek!

This list should get you started, spark your own creativity and hopefully inspire your interactions with your Corgi. Whatever the dog breed, our pets are living, thinking and feeling animals with needs. We want to ensure those needs are fulfilled in order for them to be healthy, happy, well-behaved and a part of our lives for as long as possible.

~ As always, I thank you for your interest and reading. If you have any unique, fun activities/ideas to share, please send me a message. I’d love to hear from you, and Scamp is always up for something new! Until next time, snuggle them close and love them well. God bless


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