Vetting a Veterinarian



In the preparations for bringing your new furbaby home, you’ll want to have the services of a veterinarian selected and available for that first check-up. Like any other profession, you can come across good vets and not-so-good vets. You, of course, will want to secure the very best care for your pet. How do you go about doing just that? Here are some criteria to assist you in your search/selection:

  1. Word of mouth – ask trusted family and/or friends whose animals you know are well cared for and healthy.
  2. Seek-out a veterinarian that has graduated from a veterinary program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and has a practice that is AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) certified. The AAHA evaluates veterinary practices on the quality of their patient care, staff, facilities and equipment. The certification process is rigorous, and ongoing maintenance of standards is required.
  3. Schedule a visit/tour of the facility to ask questions (compile a list and take it along), get a feel for the staff (professional, welcoming, courteous) and check for overall cleanliness (orderly, up-to-date equipment).
  4. Confirm hours, acceptance of your pet insurance, payment/billing and any other questions, concerns or specific wants/needs you care to address.
  5. If at any time, your pet is not receiving what you deem to be the very best of care, find another veterinarian as they are plentiful and your furbaby deserves the best care your hard-earned dollars can provide.

Be thorough in your “vetting” process and both you and your pet can benefit from the confidence and security the right veterinarian will provide. Our Corgi, Scamp LOVES going to our vet – even after having had shots and surgery to get neutered! Our favorite vet (there’s a practice with several; however, requests are honored) is always equally excited to see Scamp and spends time, patience and gentleness in examining him and answers any questions/concerns we may have. A good vet is a relief, a great vet is a blessing!

~ Many THANKS for your interest and reading. I hope you’ve found some kernel of information that will help you in being an even better, more informed pet parent! Cuddle them close and love them well! God bless




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